All About 5th Grade

To best help students prepare for Middle school, they have the opportunity in fifth grade to switch classes daily. This schedule allows each student to see different teachers throughout the day. Each teacher specializes in two subject areas allowing them the opportunity to create engaging and quality lessons for only their subjects. 

The curriculum in 5th grade is SOL aligned and rigorous. By the end of the academic year, fifth graders will be well prepared for the challenges and excitement of Middle School. 

Beth Holcomb and Erin Ehrenfeld focuses on Math throughout the day and is working with students this year on some new concepts such as, order of operations and an introduction to pre-algebra concepts while still focusing and building on previous concepts like problem solving. 

Language Arts this year, taught by Anne Howren, Beth Holcomb, Dea Ferrell, and Mart Garnder, will focus on Reading instruction along with grammar, spelling, writing, and AR instruction. Reading becomes more rigorous by incorporating longer, cross-curricular passages. Students will be working on expanding their vocabulary while still working to increase their comprehension and fluency. 

Anne Howren and Mary Gardner will be teaching your students Science throughout their 5th grade year where a wealth of information will be discovered. The 5th grade SOL test includes information from 5th grade as well as 4th grade. A thorough review of 4th grade knowledge is worked on throughout the school year. Students will investigate matter, explore the ocean floor and the Earth's surface, compare and contrast animal and plant cells, determine how sound works, and illustrate thr properties of light. Families are encouraged to visit SOL PASS to review both 4th and 5th grade knowledge.

Virginia Studies is the state approved history course for fifth grade where students will be taken on a journey through all of the rich history Virginia has to offer. This course is taught by Erin Ehrenfeld and Dea Ferrell and students will be exploring the geography, history, and economy of Virginia. 

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A washable face mask and hand sanitizer also need to be provided for all students receiving in person instruction during the 2020 - 2021 school year